How We Work

The OICR Genomics & Bioinformatics platform focuses its capabilities in the area of human cancers, with almost 10 years of proven success in generating reliable results from low-input, low-quality biospecimens, and from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.

We work with every collaborator to define each project's scientific, timeline, and budgetary goals. Once a project begins, our Genomics team works closely with OICR's Tissue Portal to coordinate sample QC, library preparation and finally sequencing. By utilizing our leading-edge automation and robotics, we can handle large scale, multi-year studies involving up to thousands of samples to ensure that consistent, reproducible libraries are created throughout the entire duration of the study. Following library preparation we deploy a fleet of Illumina sequencers, spearheaded by a NovaSeq 6000, to ensure that your data is delivered in a timely manner.

Following successful sequencing runs, the data is analyzed in partnership with the OICR Genome Sequence Informatics team. They have a complement of automated and custom pipelines to work with collaborators and clients to generate datasets that are ready to inform follow-on experiments. Dedicated sequencing production staff engage in open communication with collaborators throughout the entire process.

Opportunities to Collaborate

While we are located at OICR, we are not limited to human cancer genomics projects. We have worked with researchers interested in primate genomics, viral evolution, as well as developing technical innovations such as direct RNA sequencing and sequencing of samples collected with new types of medical devices.

If you think we can help you, please reach out to us.
The OICR Genomics & Bioinformatics team is always eager to collaborate with researchers interested in:

  • Customized library preparation;
  • Working with challenging or precious samples;
  • Moving their genomics workflows to automated platforms in our lab;
  • Any other projects of mutual interest.
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Sequencing Project Workflow

Generation of high quality data sets is achieved by incorporating multiple stages of quality checks into a systematic, project workflow involving:

  • Project Design Consultation
  • Analyte Extraction
  • Library Preparation
  • Sequencing
  • Quality Control
  • Data Analysis

Who We Work With

OICR Genomics & Bioinformatics is eager to build relationships around the needs of our clients. We enjoy solving tough problems for scientists and researchers and leverage our extensive relationships of company sales and technical representatives to do so. We are located in Toronto, Ontario but we are involved in collaborations across Ontario, Canada and the United States.

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