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View the manuals in our Resource Library for workflow details, information for grant proposals and policy documents.



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Sequencing Manuals

General Sample Submission Guidelines

Research use only (RUO) samples must be prepared and submitted according to: OICR Genomics Sample Submission Guidelines

The following forms must be completed and returned before samples are submitted:

Additional guidelines may apply to specific assays and/or technologies:

Library Preparation and Sequencing Protocols

Coming soon.

Terms & Conditions and Acknowledgement Policy

Our complete Terms & Conditions can be found here.

When OICR Genomics data is used, we request that the following acknowledgement in included in theses, articles, scholarly writings or oral or written presentations at lectures or seminars: 

“This study was conducted with the support of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research’s Genomics & Bioinformatics platform ( through funding provided by the Government of Ontario.”