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Every collaboration is shaped by the project’s scientific, timeline, and budgetary goals.

Learn about the range of core and custom genomics services that we offer for cancer clinical and research applications.

Our Services & Resources

Our Core and Custom Genomics Services

We consistently deliver high research impact to both short-term and multi-year projects through quality managed processes. By combining automation, robotics, ISO 15189-compliant workflows, and highly trained staff, we consistently produce high quality libraries. We use a fleet of Illumina sequencers, spearheaded by the NovaSeq 6000, and an in-house high performance compute cluster to deliver your data in a timely manner.

Clinical Reporting Services

Our CAP and ISO 15189-compliant, high-quality sequencing and analysis services available for clinical diagnostics.

Sequencing Services

From tissue extraction to targeted, whole genome/exome/transcriptome, or customized sequencing, we can help at any stage of your genomics research, even if you are working with low input and/or low quality biospecimens.

Bioinformatics Services

The Bioinformatics group develops and uses a variety of automated and semi-automated analysis workflows to fulfill every project’s unique needs. Our pipelines use industry-standard bioinformatics tools together with software developed in-house.

How to work with us

What can I submit, and how?

We accept a variety of materials, such as nucleic acids, blood samples, fresh or frozen tissues, formalin-fixed/paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues and fully constructed libraries. For information on sample requirements and instructions on how to submit and track samples, please see manuals in our Resource Library for the services you are interested in.

Terms of Service and Policies

Please view our policy documents to understand how we approach collaborations and for important information on data and sample storage.