Clinical Reporting

Our high-quality DNA and RNA sequencing services are available for clinical diagnostics.

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Our Clinical Reporting Services

OICR Genomics is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Our ISO 15189-compliant, high-quality sequencing and analysis services include clinical reporting of somatic actionable mutations. The process begins with digital requisition forms that ensure the highest level of patient privacy assurance. Upon receipt of formalin fixed paraffin embedded and/or fresh frozen tissues, we follow ISO 15189-compliant, CAP-accredited procedures to create a clinical report.

Tissue Extraction

ISO 15189
Validated Assay

We perform nucleic acid extraction from buffy coats, FFPE and fresh frozen tissues.

Our validated tumor-normal whole genome and transcriptome (WGTS) clinical case package includes 80X tumor, 30X normal whole genome and 100M paired end whole transcriptome in one integrated report. A lower coverage version of this package is also available when high tumor purity input is provided (40X tumor, 30X normal WGS, 100M PE WTS).

The report details oncogenic copy number variants (CNVs), somatic single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertion-deletions (indels), structural variants (SVs), loss of heterozygosity (LOH), fusions, inferred cancer cell content (purity), genome-wide ploidy and fusions with OncoKb annotation and evidence tiers. All clinical reports are reviewed by board-certified geneticists (ACMG/CCMG).

Add-On Services

Additional “add-on” services are available to ensure that your project needs are met. View our suite of sequencing services for more information on our research use only (RUO) offerings.

Our Clinical Resources

Our manuals can help you with important information on our workflows and policies:

  • Using the Requisition and Reporting System
  • Sample Requirements and Submission
  • Library Preparation and Sequencing Protocols