Clinical Reporting

Our high-quality DNA and RNA sequencing services are available for clinical diagnostics.

Our Clinical Services & Resources

Our Clinical Reporting Services

The following sequencing services are conducted in an ISO 15189-compliant laboratory. We are seeking accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and should receive this distinction in early 2021.

We deliver clinical reports and accompanying research use only (RUO) aligned BAM files.

Tissue Extraction

ISO 15189
Validated Assay

We can help perform nucleic acid extraction from buffy coats, FFPE and fresh frozen tissues.

Whole Genomes

ISO 15189
Validated Assay

For studies needing the most comprehensive information about important samples, we can perform whole genome sequencing with as little as 50 nanograms of input DNA. As part of our validated clinical case package, tumors will be sequenced to a depth of 100X (80X mean), and normals will be sequenced to 40X (30X mean).

Whole Transcriptomes

ISO 15189
Validated Assay

Whole transcriptomes are the main workhorse of an RNA lab. We have performed internal validations on the latest whole transcriptome products - down to 5ng of RNA input - so that you don’t have to. As part of our validated clinical case package, tumor transcriptomes will be provided at 100M reads (80M min) per case.

Add-On Services

Additional “add-on” services are available to ensure that your project needs are met. View our suite of sequencing services for more information on our research use only (RUO) offerings.

Our Clinical Resources

Our manuals can help you with important information on our workflows and policies:

  • Using the Requisition and Reporting System
  • Sample Requirements and Submission
  • Library Preparation and Sequencing Protocols