Customized Genomic Solutions

Service icon When off-the-shelf solutions won't fulfill your project needs, a dedicated genomics team can create something new for you.

Many genomics companies offer customized products but deciding on one can be difficult. We have helped dozens of researchers develop complex, customized genomics and analysis plans that squeeze more out of any size of project. We focus on the technology so that you can concentrate on the science.

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Service Applications Description
Targeted sequencing (custom content or new validated assays)
  • Hybrid capture or Ampliseq-based
  • Identify known mutations
  • Decrease sequencing costs
Targeted sequencing panels are a popular option to focus sequencing on a small region of the genome. We can design amplicon based panels with thousands of targets down to hybrid capture based solutions querying 100kb regions of DNA. Targeted sequencing approaches can be valuable for any project but the specific combination of reagents needs to consider many factors such as target size, availability of input samples, and final depth of sequencing required.
Novel protocols
  • Technology Development
  • Unusual or challenging samples
Development of new protocols or implementation of published ones that are technologically challenging. We encourage labs interested in new methods to solve genomics projects to reach out and discuss possible collaborative projects.