The Bioinformatics group is a dedicated team of bioinformatics analysts with access to an 8,800-node computational cluster. We develop and utilize a variety of automated and semi-automated analysis workflows to fulfill every project’s unique needs.

Our Services & Resources

Our Bioinformatics Services

We provide analysis support at a variety of service levels, working with data generated from our genomics platforms or through our Bring-Your-Own-Data model (BYOD).

Data of various types can be processed through our standard analysis pipelines and workflows.  These are executed in an automated and consistent manner that reduces the time from raw data availability to the final set of standard workflow deliverables. The menu of available workflows is regularly being expanded.

Analysis not currently available in our standard workflows is provided as custom project work.  An analyst assigned to the project will work directly with the project owner to discuss the analysis requirements then set up and execute the necessary tasks either through our standard workflows or through custom jobs running on our high performance cluster. The analysis results will be summarized and reviewed with the project owners in a collaborative manner.  Analysts are available through all stages of a project life cycle, from primary analysis to publication.

  • Whole Genome Libraries
  • Exome Capture Libraries
  • Transcriptome Libraries
  • Small Targeted sequencing Panel Libraries, with UMI

Workflows include

  • Germline variants
  • Somatic variants
  • Copy number variation
  • Structural variation and genomic rearrangements
  • Gene Expression
  • Gene Fusions

Data generated on our genomics platforms, or data provided by the project owner can be set up to run through our standard analysis pipelines. These can be configured to process data through a variety of workflows using well-established bioinformatic analysis tools. Deliverables are the output files specific to the workflow. A list of available pipelines and workflows is available at….

Customized Analysis

For applications such as:

  • Variant annotation and functional significance
  • Expression analysis 
  • Single cell data
  • Long read data
  • Deep barcoded sequencing analysis
  • Epigenetic sequencing analysis
  • Metagenomics analysis
  • Gene set enrichment and pathway analysis
  • Another application? Just ask!

Analysis Only

For applications such as:

  • All applications listed above
  • Another application? Just ask!

Data Deposition

For applications such as:

  • Data transfer and release services

How to work with us

Our manuals can help you with important information on our workflows and policies:

  • Sample Tracking Using Sampuru