The Bioinformatics group is a dedicated team of bioinformatics analysts with access to an 8,800-node computational cluster. We develop and utilize a variety of automated and semi-automated analysis workflows to fulfill every project’s unique needs.

Our Services & Resources

Our Bioinformatics Services

Quality control checks and analysis are performed specific to each project. After completion, the Bioinformatics team delivers raw data, analyzed data, and analysis summaries to the client, and assists the client in understanding the data.

Automated Analysis Pipelines

For applications such as:

  • Genome assembly
  • Germline variants
  • Somatic variants
  • Copy number variation
  • Structural variation and genomic rearrangements
  • Cancer immunoinformatics (HLA typing, neoantigen calling)

Customized Analysis

For applications such as:

  • Variant annotation and functional significance
  • Expression analysis 
  • Single cell data
  • Long read data
  • Deep barcoded sequencing analysis
  • Epigenetic sequencing analysis
  • Metagenomics analysis
  • Gene set enrichment and pathway analysis
  • Another application? Just ask!

Analysis Only

For applications such as:

  • All applications listed above
  • Another application? Just ask!

Data Deposition

For applications such as:

  • Data transfer and release services

How to work with us

Our manuals can help you with important information on our workflows and policies:

  • Sample Tracking Using Sampuru