Clinical Reporting and Research Services

Genomics offers two levels of service for analyzing human samples:

  1. Clinical Reporting. CAP, ACD, CLIA and ISO 15189-compliant, high-quality sequencing and analysis services available for clinical diagnostics. These services utilize our Requisition System and generate clinical reports, which are completed by certified geneticists. WGTS and WGS assay turnaround time is 45 calendar days; Targeted Sequencing assay turnaround time is 21 calendar days.
  2. Research Use Only (RUO). From tissue extraction to whole genome, exome, transcriptome, targeted, or customized sequencing, we can help at any stage of your genomics research, even if you are working with low input and/or low quality biospecimens. We utilize a fleet of Illumina instruments, including the MiSeq, NextSeq 2000 and NovaSeq X Plus. You can choose to receive fastq-only (includes QC) or the standard analysis pipeline (includes QC and assay-specific pipeline deliverables).

Clinical pricing is listed per case and includes extraction; RUO pricing is listed per sample. Prices are listed in CAD and valid as of June 2023.


RUO Fastq-Only

RUO Standard Analysis Pipeline Clinical Reporting
Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing (WGTS)
80X Tumor/30X Normal WGS, 80M WTS $4196 $4341 $4692
40X Tumor/30X Normal WGS, 80M WTS $3004 $3149 $3506
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
80X Tumor/30X Normal $3794 $3914 $4266
40X Tumor/30X Normal $2602 $2722 $3080
30X Plasma WGS $1171 $1231 $1541
30X WGS $1181 $1241 n/a
40X WGS $1421 $1481 n/a
80X WGS $2613 $2673 n/a
Shallow WGS for ichorCNA $146 $153 n/a
Whole Transcriptome Sequencing (WTS)
TruSeq 80M PE Reads (cluster) $402 $427 n/a
Targeted Sequencing (TAR)
REVOLVE Panel – Tumor or cfDNA + Buffy Coat n/a n/a $1227
REVOLVE Panel – Tumor or cfDNA Follow-Up n/a n/a $926
Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)
IDT Exome – 100X $435 $460 n/a
IDT Exome – 200X $501 $526 n/a
cfMeDIP Sequencing
120M PE Reads $649 n/a n/a
Enzymatic methyl-seq (EM-seq)
EM-seq – 30X $1050 n/a n/a

For more information on validated pipelines, standard packages, and other analysis offerings, please see the Genome Sequence Informatics page.

Sequencing Services

NovaSeq X lanes may be purchased to sequence externally-built libraries. Prices are listed in CAD and valid as of June 2023.

NovaSeq X Sequencing per LaneCost (CAD)
NovaSeq X 10B (300 Cycle)$2498

Extraction Services

Extraction and related assays are provided by Tissue Portal, which is an ISO-compliant laboratory included in Genomics’ CAP/ACD/CLIA accreditation. Prices are listed per sample in CAD and valid as of June 2023.

ServicePrice per Sample
Dual DNA/RNA Extraction from FFPE$79
DNA Extraction from Tissue$65
DNA Extraction from Blood/Buffy Coat$52
cfDNA Extraction$72
RNA Extraction from Fresh Frozen Tissue$65

*Our analysis pipeline includes an authentication process that aims to identify inconsistencies in the data that might result from sequencing of an incorrect sample. Please note that non-human and xenograft sample identities will not be authenticated.

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