Clinical Reporting Services

CAP, ACD, CLIA and ISO 15189-compliant, high-quality sequencing and analysis services available for clinical diagnostics. These services utilize our Requisition System and generate clinical reports, which are completed by certified geneticists. Prices per case are listed below and are valid as of February 2023.

WGTS and WGS assay turnaround time is 45 calendar days; Targeted Sequencing assay turnaround time is 21 calendar days.

AssayDetailsCost (CAD)
Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing (WGTS)80X Tumour, 30X Normal $7840
Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing (WGTS)40X Tumour, 30X Normal $5540
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)80X Tumour, 30X Normal $7130
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)40X Tumour, 30X Normal$4800
Targeted Sequencing – REVOLVE PanelTumour & buffy coat $1435
Targeted Sequencing – REVOLVE PanelcfDNA & buffy coat$1435
Targeted Sequencing – REVOLVE PanelTumour only, follow-up$1119
Targeted Sequencing – REVOLVE PanelcfDNA only, follow-up$1119
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Sequencing Services

From tissue extraction to targeted, whole genome/exome/transcriptome, or customized sequencing, we can help at any stage of your genomics research, even if you are working with low input and/or low quality biospecimens. We utilize a fleet of Illumina instruments, including the MiSeq, NextSeq 550 and NovaSeq 6000, as well as the Oxford Nanopore MinION and PromethION. Prices per sample are listed below and are valid as of May 2023.

ServiceCost (CAD)
Dual DNA/RNA Extraction from FFPE$79
DNA Extraction from Tissue/Blood/Buffy Coat$65
cfDNA Extraction$72
RNA Extraction from Fresh Frozen Tissue$65
HMW DNA Extraction$100
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) – 30X, 40X, 80X$1570, $2030, $3860
Whole Transcriptome Sequencing (WTS) – TruSeq 100M PE reads (cluster)$820
Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) – IDT 50X, 100X, 200X$510, $690, $1030
cfMeDIP – 120M PE reads$940
Targeted Sequencing – onboard a new panel or use an existing oneplease request quotation
Single Molecule Molecular Inversion Probes (smMIP)please request quotation
Oxford Nanopore – DNA, RNA, or Long Read Epigenomeplease request quotation
Library Sequencing – sequence on MiSeq, NextSeq or NovaSeqplease request quotation
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Bioinformatics Services

The Genome Sequence Informatics group develops and uses a variety of automated and semi-automated analysis workflows to fulfill every project’s unique needs, whether for clinical trials or research projects.

Most of our analysis is packaged together with in-house sequencing packages and will not be quoted separately, unless additional analysis is requested. The values below are approximate. They are valid as of February 2023.

AssayPackage levelCost (CAD)
Reads only (FASTQ)FASTQ only$474/lane
Whole genomebasic alignment$20/library/run
Whole genomealignment, merged and call-ready$30/sample
Whole genomestandard analysis$40/sample
Exomebasic alignment$10/library/run
Exomealignment, merged and call-ready$15/sample
Exomestandard analysis, T/N pair$25/pair
Exomestandard analysis, tumour only$20/sample
Targeted/panelbasic alignment$2/library/run
Targeted/panelstandard analysis$5/sample
Whole transcriptomebasic alignment$10/library/run
Whole transcriptomestandard analysis$25/sample
NanoporePlease request quotation
Shallow whole genomestandard analysis$7/sample

For more information on validated pipelines, standard packages, and other analysis offerings, please see the Genome Sequence Informatics page.

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