Our project initiation process:

  1. Contact us via our web form if you require project consultation. The team will reach out to you after receiving your request.
  2. Submit documentation electronically.
    • For clinical projects: a completed Requisition System Access Request Form is required to create your custom requisition form and user accounts. We also require a completed Clinical Project Initiation Form and copy of your REB letter. Once you have access to your Requisition System account, you may begin completing requisition forms for your samples. One form must be completed for each sample prior to submission.
    • For research projects: the Project Initiation Form must be completed.
  3. An estimate will be sent to you via FreshBooks based on the information you submitted using the Project Initiation Form. You will need to open the estimate and click “Accept” to agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  4. A Sample Submission Form must be completed and submitted with a copy of your REB letter.
  5. Submit samples
    • Samples may only be submitted once appropriate documentation has been received.
    • Tissue Portal will work with you to coordinate sample transfer. They will also return samples to you upon project completion.

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