We provide analysis support at a variety of service levels. As part of our clinical offering, we offer accredited bioinformatics pipelines. We also have analysis services for research use only.

Accredited Assays

Our validated tumour-normal whole genome and transcriptome (WGTS) clinical case package includes 80X tumour, 30X normal whole genome and 100M paired end whole transcriptome in one integrated report. A lower coverage version of this package is also available when high tumour purity input is provided (40X tumour, 30X normal WGS, 100M PE WTS).

The report details oncogenic copy number variants (CNVs), somatic single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertion-deletions (indels), structural variants (SVs), loss of heterozygosity (LOH), fusions, inferred cancer cell content (purity), genome-wide ploidy and fusions with OncoKb annotation and evidence tiers. All clinical reports are reviewed by board-certified geneticists (ACMG/CCMG).

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Standard analysis packages

Our system is comprised of a variety of standard analysis workflows, each running a set of tools to accomplish a specific analysis task.  These are organized into standard analysis pipelines, each composed of one or more consecutive workflows. Your project can be configured so that the data is processed through various standard pipelines depending on the library types and project requirements.

WGS Analysis Package

Alignments; somatic, structural, and copy number variant calls

Exome Analysis Package

Alignments; somatic, structural, and copy number variant calls

Transcriptomics Package

Alignments, UMI deduplication, somatic variant calls

Targeted Sequencing Analysis Package

Alignments, expression data, fusion calls

Nanopore Analysis Package


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